Alan Schönberger's SkiStudioParkCity is all about reducing the learning curve and getting to the fun parts of skiing that we love quickly; the beauty that emanates from the snow and the mountains, the wonderful sensations that we feel when we arc an elegant turn, or the ecstasy of gliding through endless powder.

Schoenberger's method of learning to ski is about refining balance and a sense of awareness of the snow, terrain changes and equipment in the most direct way possible. It is about learning in a safe, comfortable and efficient environment using specific equipment with a process that enhances and accelerates the journey. All while nurturing a strong foundation to build technique on.

It features several elements that have been joined to work collectively as a ski training system; an extraordinary ski technique, the largest most technically advanced ski simulator of its kind, and a world champion skier.

Training System

Schoenberger has established
a progressive training system that is unique in its methodology relative to the atypical designs of Schoenberger's equipment and alpine philosophy. It is based on two books, Conditioning Skills for Alpine skiing and the award-winning, best-selling book and video, Skiing and the Art of Carving.These books and video by Ellen Post Foster and Alan Schoenberger ignited the carving revolution in ski education, and is currently in use by coaches and ski teachers internationally. At SkiStudioParkCity, there is a strong focus on developing pure carve skills as the foundation for ski technique that directly harnesses the true power of the modern ski.

For new skiers this is important for a number of reasons. Most importantly, learning to clean carve creates a less complicated and far more fun skiing experience and it creates a solid foundation to build an entire technique from. Utilizing modern ski design, pure carved turns promote a more natural, effective stance immediately. With this approach, new skiers can be enjoying their skiing experience in the first minute of their session. Then, after many practice miles, the more traditional, time-honored speed management techniques are applied. This is a transformation in ski education thinking. This new coaching paradigm accelerates the learning curve for all abilities and focuses on unlocking the true value of today's shaped skis.

For the advanced skier and for racers, the ski simulator is essential. The environment offers the opportunity to repeat movements tens of thousands of times helping to develop the subtle intricacies of modern skiing and ski racing. Quick turns focusing on rapid edge-to-edge skills can be repeated continually and wider pure carve radiuses can executed over extended periods, all while developing strength and stamina.

Currently there are over 150 alpine athletes training at SkiStudioParkCity.We train alpine clients of all ages, juniors through olympic and Paralympic athletes who have won gold, world cup titles and Intermountain Division Championships. It is clear that alpine athletes who train at SkiStudioParkCity finish better. We recognize that their results are the combined efforts of the on-the-hill team coaches working closely with SkiStudioParkCity.


Ski Simulator

Alan Schönberger's SkiStudioParkCity developed iSkiBed
, a super wide ski simulator that permits the skier to achieve ski maneuvers with no limitations, an infinite bed of skiing. It features a control system that directs the ski surface to adjust to key attitudes and speeds needed for precise ski training and learning. This becomes the ideal learning environment for any level of skier. For example, if you have never experienced skiing, the simulator can be set to a gentle pitch with the carpet rotating slowly under the skis. This allows the first-time skier to discover the delicate nuances of balance and edging in a comfortable environment. Or our simulator can be set to moderate pitches and speeds for fine-tuning technique for transitional skiers developing new skills, while building strength, balance and endurance. For the advance skier or racer, steeper pitches and higher speeds can be set, replicating a more aggressive ski environment.

While skiing on the simulator, the athlete wears a comfortable safety harness attached to a point above, preventing the skier from falling in the event of a miss-step. The environment of the studio is comfortable, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sessions are private, and tailored to fit each individual’s needs.

Regardless of your experience level, the entire SkiStudioParkCity experience is designed to maximize fun and performance on the snow while cutting the learning curve.

Alan Schoenberger

Alan Schoenberger understands ski technique thoroughly and cares deeply that all skiers reach the highest level of competence possible quickly.

Your ski experience at SkiStudioParkCity is not virtual, but exists as actual skiing, defined and accurate. Ski lengths used are correct, you use your own ski boots.

Schoenberger maintains that alpine ski racing continues to be the true measure of skiing expertise from where ski technique evolves. SkiStudioParkCity has been home to more than 250 alpine athletes and more than 43 elite level athletes have accomplished 462 podiums, including seven medals at the Olympic games, three World Championships Medals, four Overall World Cup Globes, 15 World Cup Victories, 11 National Championships, nine division championships and five Intermountain Division Championship medals.


Private 25-minute ski sessions are reserved and more than one session can be reserved back to back for a total of 55 minutes. Up to 17 miles of perfect terrain can be accomplished in a 25-minute session. One hour on this unique simulator equals approximately a half-day of conventional skiing and includes more than an equivalent of 5 hours of instruction and physical exertion on the mountain.

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